The Australian Made T-Shirt

Shot on Kamilaroi and Gadigal Land

The Australian Made T-Shirt

Good Earth Cotton® + FibreTrace

The story of this T-Shirt is embedded in the fibre

The cotton is grown on a Good Earth Cotton® farm in Moree, New South Wales. Once the yarn is spun, it is delivered to ABMT Apparel in Melbourne, Victoria, where it's knitted, dyed and sewn into the T-Shirt you see today.

Tracing the cotton from
grower to garment


Once the cotton is harvested from the farm, it is processed at the gin. There, a luminescent pigment called FibreTrace® is bonded to the fibre, which can be scanned along the supply chain to map and verify the fibre from farm to finished garment.

Each time FibreTrace® is scanned, it creates a snapshot of the location, date and auditor, allowing us to follow the journey of our cotton in real-time.

When we can trace a fibre through the supply chain, we can support better working conditions and farming best practice.

The Home of Australian
Good Earth Cotton®

Good Earth Cotton®

Good Earth Cotton® is a cotton farming program established in Moree, on Kamilaroi Country in New South Wales. Founded by David and Danielle Statham in 2017, the program is certified climate-positive, meaning it captures and stores more carbon than it emits.

Good Earth Cotton® is grown using farming practices that focus on improving soil health and yield, with data collected directly from the farm to track changes over time. Crops are harvested with minimal disruption to the soil and plant waste is left on the ground, acting like a mulch to reduce erosion and increase moisture retention.

Our job is to leave this soil in just as good a shape as what we found it, if not better. —David Statham, co-founder, Good Earth Cotton®

After each season, cotton crops are rotated with wheat and legumes to aerate and feed the soil with nutrients, increasing its overall health and biodiversity.

In line with the Australian cotton industry, Good Earth Cotton® adopts a variety of water-efficient farming practices. Australian growers use cotton varieties that are best suited to our climate, and can grow three times the cotton per hectare compared to the global average. This means Australian growers can produce more cotton using less water per bale.

Bringing the garments
to life

We've partnered with Melbourne/Naarm-based manufacturer, ABMT Apparel, to bring our T-Shirts to life. Here, the fabric is knitted, dyed and sewn in-house, before each tee is delivered to our stores.

The Australian Made T-Shirt